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Conveyor Leaf Pin Chain M-A3

Every Ever-power Leaf Chain Pin is manufactured of specially-designed alloy steel, which is then heat-treated to improve the surface’s hardness. The greatest care is taken so that the base part of the chain is malleable , which allows it to handle repeated loads. The pin is centrally polished to enhance the finish of the surface and attain a precise tolerance of the diameter. We believe that the most important possible connection can be made by ensuring that the chain ends at the links that are in the middle and is inserted inside the anchor of the leaf chain, and is secured by an anchor pin to the chain. This ensures the greatest quantity of sheer surfaces as well as the strongest tensile strength. Chain pins that are placed on the outside links on a chain leaf could be a serious cause of load carrying and safety concerns.

Dimensions of M-A3 Conveyor Leaf Pin Chains


Leaf Pin Chains Benefits

The leaf pin chains are designed with the use of special steel that ensures maximum resistance to breakage and sudden loads. The pins are also made from special steel and have excellent resistance to bending. The diameters of the pins and plate holes are controlled closely during manufacturing. This reduces rubbing and friction, resulting in a smooth movement of the inner plates.

Leaf pin chains benefit from their compact design and superior fatigue strength. They can be used in various applications and can be found on machine tools, forklift trucks, draw bench chains, and container pallet jacks. In addition, these chains are available with alternating male and female ends and can be supplied with an even number of pitches.

Leaf Pin Chains and Sprockets

Leaf pin chains are designed for slow-moving applications. Unlike roller chains and sprockets, leaf pin chains are constructed with pins instead of bushings or rollers. These pins are press-fit into the outermost plate. They offer high strength per foot and are usually used as counterweight chains in machine tools. They require proper lubrication to achieve a reasonable service life.

Leaf pin chain sprockets are typically secured to the shaft using 1 or more set screws or ANSI-standard-dimensioned keyways. However, these dimensions are not universal, and it is vital that the supplier of a particular leaf pin chain understands the appropriate keyway size for the chain’s application.

A leaf chain is the simplest form of steel chain and is composed of interlaced link plates and pins. Leaf chain has a much higher tensile strength than roller chains. It also offers narrower overall width and is often used for balancing and lifting applications.

The wear and tear on sprockets are caused by friction. Every rotation of the chain causes the teeth to come into contact with the chain. In some cases, this wear and tear are so severe that the sprockets are worn out. The teeth of the sprockets eventually break off and the chain will not work properly.

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Why Choose Us?

Ever-power transmission group is a professional drive chain manufacturer. We have a complete chain production line, equipment selection, and process design that adhere to high efficiency, energy-saving, and automation, with perfect testing equipment, high-quality enterprise management, and professional technical personnel. We focus on the drive chains’ production, processing, and sales, particular chains, chain accessories, machinery parts, and so on, forming an “aluminum, fine, special, creative” separate chain development and production system. We have mastered the core technology of chain production and are proficient in core processing. All products are widely used in sugar, paper, cement, wood, food, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. We pay attention to the reputation of product quality through IS09001:2008 quality management system certification and obtain self-supporting, agent-related products and technology import and export business qualifications. Our products are exported to all provinces and cities in China, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

1. Large bell-type intelligent annealing furnace:
stable and reliable annealing quality and low energy consumption
2. Mesh belt furnace:
first-class domestic mesh belt furnace heat treatment production line
3. Multipurpose furnace:
Epson multipurpose furnace provides stable and reliable heat treatment quality
4. ABB intelligent welding robot:
instead of manual completion of complex welding operations, the welding is beautiful, stable, and reliable

5. Automatic hot riveter: the self-developed automatic assembly line of welding chain can replace manual to realize automatic outcrop and hot riveting, with stable products, high precision, and high efficiency
6. Induction quenching equipment: the self-developed semi-automatic induction quenching equipment successfully realizes selective (local) induction quenching of pin shaft and induction quenching of sprocket teeth
7. Programmable gantry cutting machine: it has the functions of plasma cutting and flame cutting
8. CNC machining center: CNC vertical machining center and CNC horizontal machining center, which meet the processing of high-precision molds and products

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